• Velcro Backing Marble Dry Polishing Pad

  • Huaqvarna Grinding Tools with Double Conffins

  • Husqvarna Diamond Floor Grinding Shoe

  • Velcro Backing Concrete Grinding Disc

  • 10 Inch D250mm Grinding Plate

  • Arrow Segment Grinding Plug for Concrete Surface

  • Cheap D100mm Granite Grinding Wheel

  • Diamond Metal Grinding Disc

  • Diamond Satellite Grinding Wheel

  • Cassani Concrete Grinding Plate with 5 Diamond Segments

  • Concrete Grinding Tools with Arrow Segments

  • T Segmented Cup Wheel for Concrete Polishing

  • 5 Segments Grinding Cup Wheel

  • 3 Inch Ceramic Bond Concrete Polishing Pad

  • Cut ′n′ Grind Vacuum Brazed Diamond Wheel

  • Brazed Diamond Core Drill

  • Arix Diamond Blade

  • Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Plate with Two Bars

  • 3 Inch Concrete Grinding Disc with 3 Hole Connection

  • Turbo Cup Diamond Grinding Wheel

  • 3" and 4" Dry/Wet Concrete Polishing Pad

  • White Pane Dry and Wet Diamond Polishing Pad

  • Granite Diamond Grinding Fickert

  • Marble Diamond Grinding Frankfurt

  • Metal Granite Grinding Disc

  • Diamond Bush Hammer

  • Frankfurt Diamond Brush

  • Diamond Satellite Grinding Wheel

  • Sintered Diamond Drum Wheels

  • Marble Diamond Segments

  • Laser Diamond Blade for Asphalt

  • Granite Diamond Wire Saw

  • Brazed Profile Wheel for Ogee Edges

  • High speed Diamond CNC Finger Bit for Granite

  • Sintered Diamond Profile Wheels for Granite

  • Brazed Protective Teeth Type Diamond Core Bits

  • Diamond Brazed Core Drills

Quanzhou Bestop Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. established in 20003. We are professional diamond tool manufacturer combining scientific research, production and sale. After more than 10 years' hard work, we have accumulated abundant strength and veteran technicians. 

Our company specializes in manufacturing diamond cutting tools, diamond drilling tools and diamond grinding tools for construction industry. The products are increasingly used in processing hard materials, such as marbles, granites and concretes. With the support of domestic colleges and research institutes, we pursue technology improvement and aim to develop energy-saving and environmentally-friendly tools. Quality of our products is at the internationally leading level.

Today, thanks to the generous support of our customers, our staff has grown to be the expert and continues to serve the tradesmen, professional contractors, owner-builders and the general public.
Welcome to visit us for our mutually beneficial cooperation!
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